Spring at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Winter was really, really, really long this year, so it was a treat when some friends and I recently visited the Montreal Botanical Gardens. I’d never been there so early in the season when the flower beds were being prepared and the magnolia trees were in bloom.

As we followed the various paths around the garden, I couldn’t help but remember how it looked during the Mosaiculture Internationales show last year. Photos from that show are posted on my blog here. 

The Chinese Garden may have been bare, but there was still beauty in it . It was nice to be able to walk around and explore the space. It was such a contrast to when I came for the Magic of Lanterns show in the fall. You can see the photos on my blog here. 

The Japanese Garden was so tranquil, we could have just sat in the pavilion and stared at the empty pond for a long time.

We walked around for about an hour, and when we left, there was no doubt that this visit to the gardens put a little spring into my step.

3 thoughts on “Spring at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

  1. Hi Day’s, The Montreal Botanical Gardens holds many fond memories for me. When I was a child, my father used to takes us there on his rare day’s off – and we often brought food for picnics there. I still remember people being drawn to our table to look at the assortment of odd-looking Chinese foods and inhaling the delicious smells from such items as hoisin chicken legs or Chinese sausage and mushrooms in sticky rice. Those were the days…

    • My parents used to like going there too. My mom used to pick the snow peas off the vines and I was the lookout. Can they get me for that now? LOL! I hope not!

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