The Fabulous Fabergé Eggs

I saw the exhibit on the Fabergé Eggs at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts this week and they are an excellent example of this week’s Photo Challenge: Endurance. They are stunning pieces of art and craftsmanship that have endured over time. Carl Fabergé also created other jeweled and gold encrusted items such as frames, dishes, umbrella handles, cane handles, and carvings, but it’s the famous eggs that caught my imagination.

The photo above is of the Imperial Cesarevich Easter Egg 1912.  The miniature portrait of one of the Czar’s sons fits inside the egg.


Faberge Easter Egg

Easter Egg with Monogram of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna 1914-1916


Faberge Egg - Czar Nicholas II

Imperial Easter Egg with the Monogram of Czar Nicholas II – circa 1900


Red Cross Easter Egg

Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg with Imperial Portraits 1915. The frame folds up and can be tucked inside the egg.


Faberge Egg


Nicholas II Commemorative Beaker

Nicholas II Coronation Commemorative Beaker 1896


Check out other examples of this week’s Photo Challenge on Endurance here. 

3 thoughts on “The Fabulous Fabergé Eggs

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  2. I have tried to find out information on 1916 Red Cross Egg how many were made? How many were given to soldiers? Any news Media available?

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