Ogilvy Christmas window

Shop Safe this Holiday Season

I was having coffee in a food court at a shopping mall when two Montreal police officers approached me. One of them politely asked if she could sit and have a chat with me. Nodding yes, I wondered if there is such a thing as a ticket for shopping too fast.

She wanted to warn me about pickpockets. The shopping centre was experiencing a rash of thefts and they were warning shoppers to be careful. Looking at my purse which was on the seat beside me, she said that I should keep it on my lap or between my feet. I took heed and placed it between my feet as she continued. Never put your purse on the seat beside you, on the floor or hang it on the back of your chair, she said. Pickpockets are very quick and it just takes seconds for them to disappear with your purse. She also advised me to carry my house and car keys in a separate pouch which I could hang across my body. Then she handed me a bookmark with some very sensible advice which I want to share with you.

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