Welcoming the Year of the Dog


Photo from Vecteezy.com

It’s time for another New Year celebration! The ball won’t be dropping in Times Square and there won’t be a countdown to midnight, but there will be festivities and firecrackers in Chinatown on Sunday. 

One of the things I enjoy doing whenever Chinese New Year rolls around is reading Chinese horoscopes. I search the internet until I find one I like and hope it comes true. Generally, mine always say I have to work hard to reap the rewards, and believe me, that’s true!

Here are some links if you’re curious about what the Year of the Dog has in store for you.





6 thoughts on “Welcoming the Year of the Dog

  1. I’d never really gotten into Chinese horoscopes until I celebrated mine a few years ago. I thought it was destined to be the most fantastic year. “This is my year!” I thought. And then it turned out to be the most horrible year of my life. I talked to my dear Chinese friend, Vivian, about it and she said that often your animal year can be difficult. It’s a year of change.

    Good luck, Dogs! I hope that’s not the case for any of you!

    • I once read my horoscope at the end of the year to see if anything came true. Some things did, depending on how I interpreted events. LOL! May the Year of the Dog bring you health and prosperity!

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