Copyright Advice for Photographers and Illustrators

If you are an artist or a creator, and intent on making a living with your work, then understanding copyright is very important to your career. Simply put, copyright is where the money is.

The basics are discussed in this video by Mr. Media who interviews Edward C. Greenberg and Jack Reznicki, the authors of The Copyright Zone: A Legal Guide for Photographers and Artists in the Digital Age. Greenberg is an intellectual property lawyer and Reznicki is a photographer. They explain, in simple to understand terms, how protecting your work can make a difference to your bottom line. Although they are discussing copyright in the United States, I think the logic can apply to other countries as well.

The video is almost an hour long, but totally worth watching.

A Plethora of Passwords

The Daily Post

There are a number of irritating things experts insist you must do for your own good: eat nine servings of veggies a day; maintain a diverse retirement portfolio; check your transmission fluid every month. Most of us ignore a lot of this advice, because there’s no end to it, and our lives are complicated enough.

Photo by Kit Photo by Kit

As a habitual good advice ignorer myself, I realize that when I tell you I’m here today to talk about passwords, you’ll want to tune me out. But wait! Good password hygiene is more important than flipping your mattress.

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12 things you should never say to a writer


By Caitlin Kelly

I know that many Broadside readers work in education — have you seen The 12 Things You Should Never Say to Teachers?

Here are 12 things you should never say to a writer:


How much money do you make?

I get it — you want to be a published writer, too — and are naturally curious about the rewards. But  most book advances are now paid out over as long as four years — minus 15 percent to our agent — and the average book advance is pitifully small to start with, far less than $50,000. Do the math, and weep.

And because journalism pays so badly you just can’t believe anyone would actually work for those wages. But we do.

There is also so little direct correlation between work we may value intellectually — and what the market rewards most handsomely. (See: the best-seller list.)

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Canadians aim for Olympic gold-Stanley Cup double in same season

Team Canada - Official Olympic Team Website

Only six players have ever won an Olympic gold medal and the Stanley Cup in the same year. Five of these players are Canadian.

The five Canadians in the exclusive group includes current National Hockey League stars Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook, who accomplished the feat in 2010 with Chicago Blackhawks. Current NHL executives Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman did it in 2002 with Detroit Red Wings. The lone American, Ken Morrow, New York Islanders 1980, rounds out the list.

Steve Yzerman at Salt Lake City 2002

We couldn’t find a picture of Ken Morrow. Admittedly, we didn’t try very hard. Sochi 2014 Canadian men’s team executive director Steve Yzerman seemed more fitting in this space anyway.

RELATED: Sochi highlights – Canada wins gold

Heading into the second round of NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs there are 14 Canadians still in contention for the Olympic gold-Stanley Cup double.

The team with most Canadian players with…

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The heartbreak of creativity: a public service announcement

Are you creative? Read this funny post by Ross Murray about creative people.

Drinking Tips for Teens

ross jobs A version of this piece originally aired on CBC Radio’s “Breakaway.” You can hear the original audio version here .

Hello, I’m Ross Murray, beloved columnist, salad dressing connoisseur and author of the best-selling self-help book Don’t Kid Yourself, Mister. Today, I’d like to talk about a condition that afflicts 2 out of 6 Canadians and in some areas as many as 1 in 3. I’m talking about… creativity.

Creativity can strike anyone, anytime, though probably not before 10 a.m. Creative people are just like you and me, except with weirder clothes and occasionally dubious hygiene. Creativity is a highly distracting affliction, but, with regular treatment and flattery, most creative people lead full, productive lives… Let me try that again: most creative people lead full lives.

There are two types of creativity. Some people are born creative, although early creativity remains difficult to diagnose. Many parents become convinced that their…

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