Celebrating 150 Years of Canada

With Canada celebrating 150 years, my friends, Jean, May, Celia and Wanda and I 20170701_112346decided to brave the rain forecast, and  see the parade and the festivities at the Old Port. With a rain jacket and an umbrella tucked into my backpack, I met them at the corner of Peel and St. Catherine where the parade would turn down on the homestretch. Continue reading

Mural Fest in Montreal

I managed to hop over to St. Laurent Boulevard last week to catch a glimpse of the MURAL festival of street art.

Mural Fest (17)

It was a beautiful, sunny day and St. Laurent was crowded. I wandered up and down the street checking out the murals and the sidewalk sale. I didn’t grab a brochure detailing the names of the artists and some of the ones pictured here may not officially be part of the festival, but you can check them out here. Continue reading

Chocolate fortune cookies

Chocolate Heaven

Okay, so this is my third blog featuring fortune cookies. I didn’t plan it, but it seems to be my theme for Chinese New Year this year.  When I saw these chocolate covered cookies at the Je T’aime en Chocolat (I Love You In Chocolate) festival yesterday, I just had to buy them. It was Chocolate fortune cookie and fortunethe last day for the fourth annual chocolate festival at the Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal. These cookies are dipped in chocolate by Chocolats Favoris and includes their own fortune about love and chocolate. This one says “Love and Chocolate: this is how to stay youthful”. Everything in their showcase looked so good, but I had to fight temptation to buy more so that I could try out the goodies from the other vendors. Did I mention that there were free samples?

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