How to Tell if You Were Raised in a Chinese-American (or Canadian) Family

Photo from iStock

Photo from iStock

Read this hilarious post by LiAnne Yu and see how many of these signs you can identify with. I can identify with every one except #7 and 10.

17 signs you were raised in a Chinese-American family

1. You speak Chinglish fluently.

You and your parents have developed your own, unique language, made up of some parts English and some parts Chinese. Every Chinese-American family has their own version of Chinglish. Some of my family favorites: “I bought hen duo (a lot) of your favorite snacks.” “It’s too mafan (troublesome).” And: “That’s so diu lian (humiliating).” When you were younger you felt embarrassed to speak Chinglish in public, but now that you’re older, you cherish having such an intimate language that you share with only a few other people in the world.  Continue reading

Pumpkin Inferno

Ghosts and Goblins in the Nighttime

Ghosts and goblins in the night are the subject of my entry for the photo challenge Nighttime.  Last October, I went to PUMPKIN INFERNO at Upper Canada Village where they create displays made out of fake pumpkins. Just to give you an idea of how these were made, below is a before and after picture.

If you go, be prepared to walk a lot, bring a jacket as it’s in an open field, and remember to charge your camera batteries.

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