The Red Envelope – Guidelines on giving Lai See

When I was a kid, one of the best things about Chinese New Year was the red envelopes my parents and their friends gave me. Tucked inside the small decorated envelopes was one or two dollars or maybe even five (a fortune in those days). Now as an adult, I’m expected to give out red envelopes. The rule, as my parents had explained back then, was to give money to children and anyone who was unmarried, (usually to someone no older than 25). Society has undergone a huge shift since then and the rules have become blurred, but thanks to this guideline makes everything perfectly clear.

Guidelines on Giving Lai See on Chinese New Year

6 thoughts on “The Red Envelope – Guidelines on giving Lai See

  1. Hi there, my name is Vene and I’m the founder of Just want to say thank you for re-posting our “Do you need to give this person a Lai See?” flowchart and giving us the proper credit on your blog. You are fantastic and we really appreciate your gesture. Wishing you a great CNY and fortune and health in the year of horse! Best wishes, Vene

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