The Ice Hotel : Definitely a Winter Destination

In the photo above, I’m standing before one of the many amazing murals found in the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel). My friends and I made the three hour drive to Quebec City on Saturday to see it.

We were well dressed to spend hours wandering the cold, frigid corridors: long underwear, layers of sweaters, scarves, snow pants, and one of my friends even put an extra warm insole in her boots.  It was a good thing too because it was colder inside the hotel than it was outside which was minus 11 Celsius.

Ice Hotel at Quebec City

The Ice Hotel is made of two millions of billions snowflakes or 100,000 snowmen. (I’d like to know how they measured that.) I also wondered how in the world it all stayed up as people wandered in and out of the rooms, touching the murals, sitting on the furniture carved out of blocks of ice, and testing the beds. I took so many photos, and selected my favorites to show you. For descriptions, place the cursor over the photo.

There are 44 rooms and suites, several of which are themed bedrooms. The creativity and artistry that went into making these rooms was so impressive. There’s the NHL room that has a goalie in nets as a headboard.

The Japan room features an ice Geisha serving tea and over the bed, a Japanese landscape.

A bedroom dedicated to disco.

And what destination hotel doesn’t have a bar and spa?

The Ice Hotel is open until March 22, 2015. Are you adventurous enough to spend the night? I guess I should mention that none of the rooms have a toilet, but the port-a-potties are outside.

6 thoughts on “The Ice Hotel : Definitely a Winter Destination

  1. This is an amazing post Day’s! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are awesome, especially the first one of you 🙂

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