Rafting Down the Li River

I finally got around to finishing this video and it brings back some nice memories of my visit to China in October 2016. 

We were near the end of our 14 day trip. The tour bus ride from Guilin to Yangshuo provided us with some spectacular views of the mountains that the area is known for. This was our last day of adventure before we flew back to Beijing to head back to Canada.

Our tour guide led us down a narrow street that was lined with stalls selling souvenirs and anything else a tourist might need.


There were scarves, clothing, carvings, pottery and something that was labeled a self-timer artifact (a selfie stick). I was surprised to find Mao’s Little Red Book on sale as I hadn’t seen it anywhere else.




We all boarded the motorized rafts, four to a boat, and sat back and enjoyed the scenery.

I apologize for the shaky video and the poor quality, but I hope it gives you a sense of the place.

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