Following Your Dreams: An Interview with Blooming Boomers

Years ago when I first started writing, I would go to bookstores and conferences to listen to authors talk about their books. The most common question asked by the audience was: How did you do it? Now that I am a published author and have completed my first documentary, that’s a question that most people ask me. You can hear what I have to say about it on The Blooming Boomers, a podcast from Vancouver with hosts Anna and Mirella that focuses on topics for mature folks over 50 years of age. Click on the link below to listen as we discuss Creativity at a Mature Age.

Give your Creativity a Boost

A couple of weeks ago, I felt that my creativity needed a boost. It had been going downhill for quite a while. My plans to get up an hour earlier in the morning to write had disappeared in my dreams, and after working 9-5 chained to my computer at work, I just felt so tired and drained that I didn’t want to face my laptop once I got home. When a friend mentioned that she went to see the Chagall exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, I thought, Aha! that’s what I need, colour and culture.  Continue reading

Writing Spaces

The time has come to say good-bye to one of my favorite writing spaces: my armchair. I’ve had it for 20 years. It started out as just a piece of living room furniture when I used to write at a desk chained to a desktop computer. However, once I got a laptop and wi-fi, I was free to sit and write anywhere in the house: the dining room table, the Continue reading

Creativity Blooms at the 2013 Mosaicultures Internationales

The Montreal Botanical Gardens is the host of the Mosaicultures Internationales this year. The theme is “Land of Hope” and the living larger-than-life sculptures from around the world are spectacular. Enough from me. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Clown Fish (aka Nemo) (Japan)


Polar Bear sculpture gets watered.


Memoires of a Childhood Dinner (France)


The Bird Tree (Canada)


Comesse’s Butterfly (France)


All In a Row (Madagascar)


Mother Earth (Canada)


Mother Earth (Canada)


Ambassadors of Hope (Canada)


Phoenix (China)


Spirits of the Wood (Canada)


Spirits of the Wood (Canada)


Guardians of the Island (Chile)


The Man Who Planted Trees (Canada)


The Man Who Planted Trees (Canada)


The Crane Girl, a True Story (China)


Park employee waters flowers in a pot.


The Uffington White Horse (England)


Fragile Frogs (United States)

DSC02801 DSC02777