Give your Creativity a Boost

A couple of weeks ago, I felt that my creativity needed a boost. It had been going downhill for quite a while. My plans to get up an hour earlier in the morning to write had disappeared in my dreams, and after working 9-5 chained to my computer at work, I just felt so tired and drained that I didn’t want to face my laptop once I got home. When a friend mentioned that she went to see the Chagall exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, I thought, Aha! that’s what I need, colour and culture. 

The exhibit is named Chagall: Colour and Music. It showcases not only his paintings, but also costume and set design, sculptures, murals, stained glass, ceramics and tapestries.

Chagall: Self Portrait

Chagall: Self Portrait

The Blue Circus

The Blue Circus


Stained glass window


Costumes for The Magic Flute

The showstopper is the ceiling of the Paris Opera House. A floor to ceiling video shows the details of one of his most famous works.


What I found really interesting were the preparatory drawings Chagall made of the ceiling. I think there were four, but I only took photos of two of them. It reminded me of the editing and rewriting writers have to do. Somehow, it made me feel better knowing that Chagall went through it too, because that’s the creative process.



The finished masterpiece!

The ceiling of the Paris Opera House.

The ceiling of the Paris Opera House.

I loved seeing that Chagall expressed his artistry in many different ways. The exhibit did me a lot of good. My mind felt refreshed and recharged.

What do you do to boost your creativity?



2 thoughts on “Give your Creativity a Boost

  1. I also need a boost of creativity. I’m planning to go see the documentary film, ROBERT DOISNEAU, LE RÉVOLTÉ DU MERVEILLEUX about the famous French photographer. I’ve been told it is a fabulous film. It’s playing at Beaubien cinema.

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