Writers Writing and Reading Really, Really Fast

Day's Lee

This is me doing my two minute reading.

Thursday evening, I was invited to participate in a really fun event with the Quebec Writers’ Federation. Twenty-five writers were challenged to do a reading lasting no more than two minutes. Then each writer was to contribute a sentence or two to a short story which would be read out loud at the end of the evening. Welcome to “Rapid-Fire Readings, Ricochet Writing: 25 Montreal Writers Write Before Your Very Eyes”.

And there was wine…

Colleen Curran

Colleen Curran, playwright

It was nice to see some fellow authors who I hadn’t seen in a while, including Monique Polak who taught a workshop on writing for young adults that I took a few years ago. And, I was very happy to meet Isabelle Laflêche, who will be at Brome Lake Books with me on Saturday, May 2nd, for Authors for Indies Day.

Alan Silverberg

Alan Silberberg, author and illustrator

They were serious about the two minutes. Lori Schubert, the Executive Director, was in control of ringing the bell when the two minutes were up. And that bell was loud! For the next 50 minutes, the hall at the Atwater Library was filled with prose, poetry, song and even illustrations.

Heather O'Neill

Heather O’Neill, author

It was an amazing evening. Listening to authors and poets recite their work just adds another level of enjoyment. Colleen Curran, who wrote the opening sentence to the short story, had the honor of reading the finished product. She read it with such humour and gusto that it seemed the fragmented story actually made sense!

Below is the complete list of participants and I encourage you to research/Google them and their work.

Colleen Curran

Jay Winston Ritchie

Julie Barlow

PJ Bracegirdle

Ian Ferrier

Isabelle Laflêche

Christopher DiRaddo

Jason “Blackbird” Selman

Michael Blair

Mark Abley

Monique Polak

Carmine Starnino

Taqralik Partridge

Merrily Weisbord

Marianne Ackerman

Josip Novakovich

Erín Moure

Guillaume Morissette

Joel Yanofsky

Shelagh Plunkett

Alan Silberberg

Leigh Kotsilidis

Heather O’Neill

Kaie Kellough

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