Talking About Real Talk on Race

I’ve always wanted to see the inside of a TV news studio and got the chance yesterday when I was invited to appear on CBC Montreal’s six o’clock news program to talk about the story I wrote for Real Talk on Race. That’s me with Debra Arbec, the news anchor, in the photo above.

My story is one of ten written by Montrealers who talk about their personal experiences. Point of View stories are both heartwarming and heart breaking. From  Coltrane McDowell’s story of growing up in Africa as “the whitest kid on the block,”  Stephen Puskas’ parka which is an important part of his Inuit identity to Nakuset’s story about the 60’s Scoop, a federal government imposed initiative in the 1970’s that put Native Indian children up for adoption with or without their parents knowledge, the stories have begun a real and necessary conversation in this city about race.

Producer Nantali Indongo, me and Melissa Fundira

Producer Nantali Indongo, me and Melissa Fundira

Nantali led me through a maze of hallways to the main studio pictured below, and then up a set of stairs to a smaller studio. One cameraman operates three cameras. Flat screen monitors line the wall behind Debra who stands up for the entire show. Here’s a secret: while she did the news anchor thing, I quietly stood at the end of her desk out of camera range waiting for my turn on air, silently praying that I wouldn’t sneeze.

CBC news studio

Real Talk on Race will continue to roll out stories over the next few days, so be sure to check back to their web site to read more. 

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