Being an Author is Just Another Day in the Park

One of the things I enjoy about being an author is that I get to take part in some fun events. Saturday, I was at Prose in the Park, an annual outdoor literary festival which was held at Parkdale Park in Ottawa. It was an opportunity to meet local authors, to listen to them talk about their books, their views on writing and the publishing industry, and of course, to buy new books.

Since Montreal is so close to Ottawa, I was not surprised to find other Montreal authors there as well. Monique Polak (left) was on a couple of panels  about writing for teens. Her latest book is Leggings Revolt. Pat Camozzi (right) was promoting his latest book Alpha Bones Candy.

I met Melissa Yi, author of a series of medical mysteries. Here she is holding up my autographed copy. Can’t wait to read it!

Author Melissa Yi

Author Melissa Yi

I took some time out to catch the panel on romance writing. For those who don’t know, Ottawa is a hot bed (sorry, I couldn’t resist) for romance writers and ORWA (Ottawa Romance Writers of America) has produced several bestselling authors including Eve Langlais (pictured below) and Opal Carew.


Romance writers take the stage. Left to right: Host Christine Enta, S.M. McEachern, Eve Langlais and Jennifer Carole Lewis

And here I am at my table. It was fun chatting with my fellow authors, meeting readers and just spending the day in the park.


5 thoughts on “Being an Author is Just Another Day in the Park

  1. Oops! I accidentally hit the reply button before I finished my comment above. Anyway, the other authors I shared the booth with were fun. I wish I had thought of getting a group picture with them.

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