Chinese Pastries

DSC02815Every day on my way to work, I pass by a Hong Kong style pastry shop called Patisserie Cocobun in Atwater metro. It sells a wide variety of freshly baked Chinese buns which include buns filled with either coconut, mango, red bean, custard or if you prefer, no filling at all. I love the bread which is either soft and sweet or lightly crusted. Either way, they’re delicious!  I bought one out of curiosity and now I’m hooked.

The hot buns are filled with either BBQ pork, curry beef, hot dogs or other combinations with ham and are the size of a sandwich. Since  the buns cost less than $2 each, it costs me an average of $4 for lunch.  Cocobun also sells bubble tea and other Hong Kong style cakes and cookies.


Curry beef bun with flaky egg tart for lunch


Red Bean laced bun


Custard bun

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