Five Ideas on Where to Promote Your Self-Published Book

I’ve uploaded my latest book, The Red Pagoda and Other Stories, to Kindle, set it for pre-orders and now for the part that I find is as hard as writing the book: the marketing. Of course, social media is always a good choice, but I thought I’d share some other options that I’ve used, big and small. What I keep in mind is that all magazines and their web sites need content. It’s just a matter of finding them and seeing what works for you.

1)  Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly, a long-time institution in the publishing world, actually gives free reviews to self-published authors. All you have to do is register and create an author page on their BookLife site which is also free.  If you’ve finished polishing your masterpiece, enter the BookLife Prize for Fiction for the chance to win $5,000.

2)  Local magazines

Some local magazines might be willing to give free reviews. Check their requirements before sending in your manuscript. I discovered one called Life in Quebec that will review recently or about to be published books by Quebecers or about Quebec.

3)  Alumni magazine

I graduated from Concordia University eons ago and subscribe to the alumni magazine. It publishes three times a year and is sent to graduates worldwide. Since so many graduates are being published, each issue features a two page spread on their books. It’s a great way to connect with old friends and let them know what you’re up to.

4)  Newsletters

If you are a member of any organization whether it be your church, community, networking group, or writers group, be sure to let its members know about your book through its newsletter. The support I have received from various organizations means a lot to me and helped me stay on track throughout my writing career.

5)  Kirkus Indie

If you have a budget, you might consider sending your book to Kirkus Indie.  They will write an unbiased review and it’s up to you to decide whether or not to make it public. For $425 they will provide a review in 7-9 weeks. If you need it quicker,  it will cost $575.  If you do decide to make the review public on their web site, you have the unlimited right to use it on the book cover and in promotions. I sent Guitar Hero for a review and waited on pins and needles until I got it. You can read it here.

So I hope this list gives you some ideas. I wish everyone the best of luck in marketing your book! If you have any other ideas to add, please write in it the comments below.

Pagoda Large Yellow


The Red Pagoda and Other Stories will be published on Kindle on August 20, 2016. Pre-order it from and get it for the special price of 99 cents. After August 20th it will be $2.99.

Order your copy now!

2 thoughts on “Five Ideas on Where to Promote Your Self-Published Book

  1. These are great tips. In a perfect world, writers could just write and not concern themselves with all the marketing. But it’s an industry like anything else, right? And it sounds like you know how to do it.

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